Friday, May 28, 2010

Coding4Fun Cannon – Project Overview

Clint Rutkas of Microsoft's Coding4Fun team created a robot t-shirt cannon that's controlled by an app written for the new Windows Phone.

So the Coding4Fun team had two weeks to build two robots able to drive, aim, and shoot t-shirts during a MIX10 Keynote demo of unreleased software? Piece of cake.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Women at Microsoft

Seema Ramchandani: From Brain Science to Silverlight
Seema Ramchandani is the performance and controls PM on the Silverlight team. Seema talks about how cool Silverlight is including it being FREE, runs on the Mac, and leverages existing developer skills but she also tells us how she moved from being in the business of brains to software. Yes, brains! Before joining Microsoft almost 5 years ago, Seema was getting her master’s degree at Brown in the area of brain sciences, which is the convergence of applied math, computer science, and neuro science. (Is she a smarty pants or what?!) Specifically she was working on implanting chips into the motor cortex of humans so locked-in patients can control a cursor. Pretty cool, eh? Find out more by watching her WM_IN interview with Charles and Ritzy.

Silverlight Performance on Windows Phone
March 15-17th, 2010, Las Vegas
Seema Ramchandani in Mandalay Ballroom A on Tuesday at 4:30 PM
Learn how to optimize your Silverlight code for Windows Phone. This session will discuss common bottlenecks using the graphics and managed stacks, and will highlight how to optimize startup and reaction time.

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